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Foshan Yanmei Decorative Material Co., Ltd, originally Foshan Mingmen Decorative Material Co., Ltd, is a modern enterprise in Guangdong Province specialized in production of surface decorative materials. From the beginning of nineties of the last century, the company introduced many automatic printing and compounding production lines from Japan and Taiwan to produce decorative wood grain chips, and its product quality has been kept in the leading position in the industry.

In addition to manufacture and sale of its own independent products, the company also acts as an agent for different kinds of famous foreign brands HPL products (decorative refractory slabs), after many years of learning of technical processes and accumulation of production experiences, it has successfully developed its own dedicated professional products jointly with famous companies at home and abroad such as Wal-Mart, Royal, Optima and Fotile etc. In this process, it has been supported and trusted by its friendly suppliers. The Company created “Yanmei” brand top-grade refractory slabs in 2006.

"Yanmei" top-grade HPL products include 5 series, i.e., 【Plain Colour】、【Desinge Wood】、【Pattern Fantasy】、【Milano】、【Metalli】, and about 400 fashionable species, the undersurface of each "Yanmei" HPL is completely made of imported materials (imported color paper, American Kraft body paper) with advanced production technology, the quality of the product is absolutely comparable to that of well-known foreign brands. The company attaches great importance to the development of new products and development, every year it periodically dispatches professionals to Europe and America to collect the most popular styles. It continually gets rid of the stale and brings forth the fresh, strives to keep improving "Yanmei" brand and seek for greater perfection, so as to satisfy the demands of high-end customers.

The Company has won customers’ trust and support with its excellent after-sales service and reliable product quality. We will always insist on the business philosophy of "being a good friend of customers", and strive to offer the best products, technologies, and services to all new and old customers, and we sincerely hope to work together with friends from all walks of life to make common exploration and development.



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